Medical Office Management

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Formstack simplifies medical office management so you can be more productive and meet patient needs.

Stay agile and efficient

In today's world, managing an efficient medical office isn't easy. Shifting priorities and government regulations often get in the way. With Formstack, you can create simple to complex medical office workflow that keep your team agile while still meeting HIPAA requirements.

Master medical office management

With our easy-to-use medical practice automation tools, you’ll save time, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Paperless data collection
Paperless data collection

Shift to mobile-friendly healthcare forms to reduce manual data entry and save hundreds of hours each month.

Automated document creation
Automated document creation

Automatically populate records, agreements, and other documents with data and deliver them to staff and patients.

Quick eSignature collection
Quick eSignature collection

Let patients and staff electronically sign documents from anywhere on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Paperless data collection
HIPAA compliance

Our forms, documents, and eSignatures are HIPAA compliant so you can collect and manage patient data safely.

Secure data sharing
Secure data sharing

Safely share information across people and departments with intuitive logic and routing tools.

Back-office support
Back-office support

Simplify behind-the-scenes operations like inventory management, invoicing, medical claims, and credentialing.


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